White Shark Media Complaints Reviews and Testimonials

Ask anyone who has designed and built a high-class company from scratch and they will tell you that there are definitely times where there will be some growing pains. This is true in any endeavor, but it can be especially true when establishing a media company. One of the keys to survival is to build a company that has a good system for responding to customer complaints, reviews and even testimonials. The key is to be professional at all times, and White Shark Media has developed a good system to handle any issues that a client might have. Here are some examples:

1. Communication issues

At times, a media firm such as White Shark will have complaints where a client will indicate that there are some communication issues with the service. White Shark is first and foremost a consultancy agency, so this is an important issue to fix. In order to fix this White Shark implemented a system where there was monthly status calls with the amazing GoToMeeting software. By utilizing GoToMeeting, White Shark was able to illustrate to the clients a step-by-step process of where their advertising dollars go. They are able to display the AdWords account to the client and further strategize with them as well.

2. Campaigns Created on the White Shark Account

In the early days of White Shark Media, they had many campaigns that were created directly on their account. As they grew, this became a bit more problematic for the newer clients. In a nutshell, the new clients wanted a larger degree of autonomy in how they created and maintainted their advertising account. Today, White Shark has evolved and has a new policy where they allow clients to work on old accounts that have garnered a good track record of performing well in the past.

3. Phone issues

Some clients of White Shark have also raised the issue that the majority of their customers come primarily through the phone. White Shark was able to rectify this problem by partnering with Marchex in order to track each and every client who signs up with White Shark through a call tracking system.


White Shark Media has proven time and again that they are a fully competent consultant firm that can be a huge asset to your business. They know that the hallmark of any good consultancy firm would be to make sure that all clients are satisfied. Nine times out of ten they have good customer testimonials to back this up. But when they have a client difficulty you can be guaranteed that they will go the extra mile to provide customer satisfaction in every area.

U.S. Money Reserve President Thinks It’s Time To Retire The Penny

There has been talk about pulling the plug on penny production for years. Canada decided to stop penny production a few years ago, and New Zealand and Australia have also stopped producing pennies. The penny seems to be more trouble than it’s worth according to the U.S. Mint, but the banks and the several industries like the zinc industry say the penny has to stay.

When the penny was put in production by a private mint in 1787, it was a clone of a British coin by the same name. Over 300 billion pennies have been minted since then. The penny has had 11 different designs and several component changes since it was first introduced. The U.S. Mint produced the first pennies in 1792. Pennies were larger, and they were copper in those days. Today’s penny is a smaller version, and it is mostly made of zinc.

Pennies have been collectors’ items for decades, but the importance of the penny has depreciated over the years. Philip Diehl, the President of U.S. Money Reserve, was recently interviewed by CNBC Squawk Box. The U.S. Money Reserve is the largest coin distributor and dealer in the country. Diehl said it’s time to put the penny out to pasture, and many economists agree with him. Most money transactions are electronic these days, so producing pennies that cost the government more than $100 million a year to produce is a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Pennies don’t circulate like the other coins. People save pennies, or they throw them into fountains or other water features that represent good luck. The penny has always been a symbol of good luck in the United States, and the thought of getting rid of the coin makes some folks mad. Those people have piggy banks, and they would be empty without pennies. But hoarding pennies is one of reasons for its potential demise.

In the CNBC Squawk Box interview, Philip Diehl brought up some valid points about retiring the penny. Only 25 percent of the money transactions are cash transactions today, and the government and the retail industry would be better off without the penny. But people say they need pennies, but Diehl says reminds everybody that life would go on without them.