Stitch D listed in Kerrang’s Top 50 rockstars of 2012

Stitch D Top Rockstar

The Defiled’s own Stitch D has received a coveted position in Kerrang’s Top 50 rockstars of 2012!
He’s at number 15. We think he should be higher!

The Defiled on the Kerrang video podcast at Download

Watch Stitch and The AvD discuss celebrity sausage stealing and naming the track they are covering for Kerrang.

The Defiled photos at Download

Thanks to The Noise Cartel tweeting pictures of The Defiled from today, we can bring you the latest collection hot off the press

The Defiled signing at Download
The Defiled interview with Raz of Thrash Hits

The Defiled photoshoot for Kerrang with Paul Harries

The Defiled interview at Download

Stitch and The AvD have given an interview to Download before their appearance this evening.

Here’s what they had to say:

Download: Introduce yourselves for the readers.
AvD: (Burps into the mic, a lot of laughter follows)…Hi I’m David
Stitch: And I’m Stitch.

Nice to meet you guys. So this is definitely one of the best years for weather we’ve had at Download so far, what do you reckon?
Stitch: Yeah it’s spectacular isn’t it..
AvD: It’s a classic!

What about all this mud?!
Stitch: We’re in a tent so we’re hoping it’s not going to be that muddy up there.

I was up there earlier and it’s not too bad. It’s the only place that’s safe and un-muddy at the moment by the look of it.

AvD: Haha, yeah so anyone who hates us come along! They will be dry!

What can we expect from your set today?

Stitch: We’re doing a a lot of theatrical nonsense aren’t we really today… we’re definitely gonna pull a few classics out the bag.
AvD: Do we have classics yet?! (laughs)
Stitch: Ha, I don’t think we have classics yet!

Well maybe after today?
Stitch: Absolutely, this is the making of us!
AvD: We’re gonna play a track that’s going to be on the next album and a few little surprises so it’s gonna be fun!

What bands do you wanna see at Download this year?
Stitch: Emmure, While She Sleeps, Prodigy…bit of Slash.
AvD: Yeah Definitely Slash, I might go check out the Skindred dudes cos I really like them.

Skindred are always good for a show.

AvD: Yeah man there are loads we want to see, I can’t remember man, there are so many…Oh yeah Black Sabbath WTF! (lots more laughing)
Stitch: Yep, there’s a band with some classics!

The line up this year is insane, all these fans are gunna have a great time this right?

AvD: Everyone’s here for a good time! People talk a lot of crap about bands they don’t personally like but everyone has a great time here!

Tell us what else you’ve got coming up this year.
AvD: We’re doing our Pledge Campaign to do our last album in its entirety, and it’s all in the name of music! The money raised is going towards developing the next album.
Stitch: And a chunk of the cash is going to go to Cancer Research too.

Great, a bit of charity action as well!
AvD: (Laughs) Yeah, they’re the charity…and we’re the other charity! If you wanna hear a new Defiled album, get on the Pledge Campaign!
Stitch: Haha, yeah if you don’t we aint making one!

Check out the interview at:

Vincent Hyde’s Top 10 Horror Flicks

Vincent has given his Top 10 Horror Flicks to Shock Horror Magazine.
Here are his Top 5

1. Bram Stokers Dracula

2. The Cabinet of Dr Caligari

3. Wild Zero

4. Phantom of the Opera (1925)

5. Se7en

To see the rest go to Shock Horror Magazine

The Defiled at The Great Escape

Rocksound have put up photos of The Defiled at The Great Escape.

To view all the images go to Rocksound

Rocksound The Great Escape

Get The Defiled goodies – including a House Party!



The Defiled launched their Pledgemusic campaign today and you can help them record their live album!

There are loads of goodies to be had for pledging including:

  • Homemade birthday card
  • Signed set list
  • Eat and Greet with The Defiled on the Dragonforce tour
  • Handwritten lyric sheet
  • Signed facemasks from Curse
  • Exclusive playback of the new studio album before anyone else
  • Jam with The Defiled
  • Get your name as a thank you on the studio album
  • Signed acoustic guitar used in the show

and last but certainly not least a house party set! Club together with your friends and get The Defiled at your house!

Go to and see what the band have to say to you about this!


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